September 10, 2018

Welcome, Igor!

We are so happy to welcome our new classroom pet, Igor! Igor is a Russian tortoise. We were lucky enough to adopt Igor from an amazing tortoise rescue program called "Northwest Tortoise" located here in the Pacific NW. Igor was rescued a few years ago by the program from an unsafe living situation and was brought back to health and happiness. We are so happy to have him!

We have spent all week welcoming Igor, getting him into a routine, making him comfortable and learning all about him. We worked very hard on making him just the right habitat, with the right lighting and temperatures. We are also learning all the things he can eat. He definitely loves to eat!

Our classroom is a participant in the "Pets in the Classroom" educational grant program. This is an educational program created by Pet Care Trust to provide students with the opportunity to interact, care for and nurture a pet. There are many benefits to having a pet in the classroom. Studies have shown that pets in the classroom can improve students' emotional well being, boost school attendance, encourage nurturing, build self esteem, teach responsibility, become friends, bring in new ways to learn, and enrich the classroom experience.  

Thank you so much to Northwest Tortoise for helping us adopt Igor and thank you to all the parents who have donated supplies and thank you to Pets in the Classroom for providing our sustainability grant.

For more info:

Pets in the Classroom

Northwest Tortoise

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