January 18, 2016

Human Rights Award Celebration

We had a great time at The 15th Annual Washington County Martin Luther King Day Celebration where we were honored for our first place poster entry. We received an award certificate and a $25 gift card and...there were cookies.

January 6, 2016

Poster Contest Winners!

The Human Rights Council of Washington County has an Annual Human Rights Poster Contest. This year our class decided to create a poster together and enter. A small group of students and a parent volunteer worked together to come up with some potential ideas and visuals we could use. We then discussed human rights and did some research as a whole class. Once we had a general idea of what we wanted the theme to be, we voted on our favorite design which turned out to be a human rights "superhero" whose cape would be made of powerful words. Each of us contributed a word and lettered it onto the cape of our superhero. Our small group put together the final design and we ended up with a beautiful, creative final poster.

We found out today that we won first prize for the 4th-5th grade category! And we have been invited to an awards ceremony to receive our prize later this month. We are so excited! Thank you so much to Mrs. Neely for all her help and for making sure we got our entry to the post office on time!