March 11, 2016

Wagons West!

Wagons West
a historical fiction novel study

The genre of historical fiction includes stories that are written to convey information about a specific time period or a historical event.

Coordinating Conjunctions
Using the template from class, create a fill in the blank worksheet that your classmates could complete. Locate 10 sentences where the author used a coordinating conjunction. Record the sentence exactly as the author wrote it, but leave the conjunction blank.

Chapter Summaries
Write a summary for each chapter in your novel. Each summary should include the setting, characters, and main events from the chapter.

Locate at least 5 sentences with commas.  Record the sentence (and page number) and state the comma rule that applies.

Setting Lapbook
Create a lapbook, including a foldable, a map, and a timeline, using the template discussed in class, to represent the setting or settings of your novel.
Draw a visual representation of the setting(s) from your novel. Document your visualizations in the form of captions. Justify your captions with direct quotes and citations from the text, including page numbers.
Illustrate a map of where the characters traveled in the novel.
Represent the events from your novel in the form of a timeline.

Quotations Marks
Locate 5 sentences where the author used quotation marks. Record the sentences exactly as the author wrote them. Using the author’s examples as a model and following the quotation rules discussed in class, create 5 of your own sentences with quotation marks that connect to your novel.

Choose a character to describe. List at least 5 adjectives which describe that character and use evidence from the text to explain why you chose each adjective.

Point of View Paragraph
Following the example we did in class, write an informational paragraph explaining the point of view from which your novel is written. Your paragraph should include the novel’s title and author, a statement defining the point of view, an example sentence from the book that clearly demonstrates the point of view, and a sentence describing how the point of view affects the reader’s experience.

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