March 31, 2016

Signal to Noise Entries 2016

Since January we've been hard at work on our Signal to Noise video entries. Students came up with ideas, wrote scripts, created storyboards, cast roles, filmed, edited video, added music and titles, revised, revised, revised and finally came up with a video ready to publish.

We have submitted our videos and are now waiting, with fingers crossed, to hear whether we make it to the finals. Whether any of the videos become finalists or not, the most important thing is how much we learned while going through the process. It was a big accomplishment for us and we are very proud of the hard work, effort and dedication we have shown in creating these pieces.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us and helped us along the way: Mr. Samuelson, Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. Kimball, Mrs. Galante, Mrs. Yoshida, Mrs. Kramer, and Mrs. Steenkolk. Thank you to all the parents who helped out in various ways such as making late night runs to Michaels for crafting supplies.

We hope you enjoy our work!

Signal to Noise website

Arnold Attends the Conference

A polite, peace loving and shy Sasquatch named Arnold decides to attend the "Mega Important Bigfoot Conference With Super Important Bigfoot Scientists," to find out how much people actually know about him. As the clueless professors continue to get facts wrong, Arnold grows more and more frustrated. Quite a few weird things happen during the conference like his smell becoming a constant problem, a Febreze attack and a strange teenager mistaking the conference room for the pool. On top of that, he worries that the professors will find out that he's Bigfoot. Will they? Watch "Arnold Attends The Conference" to find out!

Mythology News

Ever wondered what the newscast on Mount Olympus would be like? Well, you’re about to find out! Mythology News, The Best Newscast on Mount Olympus!


Two girls, Zoe and Sabrina, are best friends. One girl named Aviva wants to be friends with Zoe and Sabrina but Sabrina and Zoe don’t. Aviva makes up a rumor. Sabrina gets mad at Zoe thinking she made up the rumor. Julia tells Sabrina to go to counseling. Sabrina and Zoe soon figure out that Aviva made the rumor. Will Zoe and Sabrina be friends again? Or will some other friendship come up? Watch Friendless to find out. 

Standing in the Hallways

A music video celebrating the joys of learning.

A Day in the Life of Percy

We often wonder what our classroom bearded dragon, Percy, is thinking. Here's a look at his perspective of a day in our classroom. 

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