October 25, 2015

Our Salmon Eggs Have Arrived!

We've spent a lot of time the past two weeks getting ready for our 500 salmon eggs. We gathered all the materials, set up the tank and got the water temperature right where it needs to be. Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who donated supplies and time!

Byron is our tank set up guru
NW Steelheaders delivered the eggs right to our school
Spring Chinook is the species of salmon we'll be raising this year
Our eggs are at the stage called "eyed eggs"
We can actually already see their eyes
We take the temperature of the tank twice a day
It needs to be between 42 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit
Two times a day we float a gallon of frozen water in the tank to keep the temperature down

We keep track of the temperature so we can calculate the TU's (temperature units)
The TU's help us predict a hatching date
If an egg turns white, it has died and we have to suck it out of the tank with a turkey baster 

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