October 25, 2015

Mythology Museum Share Day

Journey with us to fantastical places...
Encounter strange and magical beasts...
Walk through bygone lands and realms...
Descend into the very depths of the underworld...
 Welcome to the
Mythology Museum!
a mythological research project 

Myth (mi TH): a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. 

Your task:
Following our class study on mythology, you will choose your favorite mythological being. This could be a creature, god, goddess, or other entity, from any culture, that is based on a myth. You will be responsible for creating a museum exhibit for your mythological being. On Museum Day, you will set up your exhibit for other students to learn and enjoy.

Portrait: Illustrate an observational drawing of your mythological being with title. 

Diagram: Create an anatomical diagram of your mythological being with labels explaining physical features, abnormalities, particular strengths or weaknesses, etc. 

 Journal: Take on the persona of your mythological being and create a journal. Include at least two entries written in first person perspective.

 Bio Poem: Create a Bio Poem for your mythological being.

Artifact: Create or discover an item connected to your mythological being to add to your display. Include a brief explanation of what your artifact is and how it is connected to your mythological being. 

Allusions: Allusions are references to things commonly talked about in our society. They are a reference to something famous that gives a visual image in our heads. Develop three mythological allusions based on your mythological being. Include a brief explanation of each allusion and why it fits your mythological being.  

 Extra Credit: To further enhance your museum display, feel free to check with your teacher on adding additional items, artifacts, pictures, evidence, tokens, etc.

Myth Summary: Write a summary of the myth associated with your mythological being. Include the setting (where the myth takes place), the main characters, and the main events.