September 14, 2015

What KIND of Smart Are You?

Did you know your brain is like your fingerprint, totally unique?!?

Howard Gardener, a psychologist and professor of neuroscience at Harvard, developed a theory to explain how different brains work. It is called Multiple Intelligence Theory. It says that there are eight (technically nine, but we're only going to focus on eight) different kinds of intelligence and that we each use the eight intelligences in different ways.

Last week we all took a survey to discover where our smarts were on a graph. We learned our strengths and our weaknesses.

We have lots of Interpersonal Smarts in our class! 

Just one Visual/Spatial!





To read about each of the intelligences click here: What Are Multiple Intelligences?

To take the survey click here: Take a Survey

Tip: My secret code is: vb46f99904. If you go to the "Results" tab and type that in, you will see my smarts.

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