March 10, 2015

Signal to Noise Entries 2015

For the past few months, our class has been developing video entries for the Beaverton School District's Signal to Noise Festival

Student groups came up with an idea, wrote a script, created a storyboard, cast roles, filmed, edited video, added music and titles, revised, revised, revised, and, finally, created their published video. 

We have submitted our videos and now we are waiting, with fingers crossed, to hear whether we make it to the finals. Whether any of the videos becomes finalists or not, the most important thing is how much we learned while going through this process. It was a great accomplishment for us and we are very proud of the hard work and dedication we have shown in creating these pieces. 

We hope you enjoy! 

"A Day at the Beach Gone Wrong"

A documentary detailing the recovery of a student in our class who suffered a tragic accident.

Created by: Andy, Quinn, Navy, Haimanot, Kyan, Emily, Kaylee, Nathan and Sarah

"It Happens"  

A music video highlighting anti-bullying strategies. 

Created by: Natalie, Ella, Rahul, Caden, and Anam

"The Originals-Mythology Story"

A modern myth based on our study of Greek mythology.

Created by: Lauren, Danielle, John, Carson, Brian and Jadyn  


"A Salmon's Life" 

A comedy inspired by the salmon our class raised this year.

Created by: Simeon, Connor, Alex, Sashank, Luke and Aidan

"Mythology News"

A newscast inspired by our study of Greek mythology. 

Created by: Katie, Isabelle and Peri

"Save Our National Parks"

A public service announcement created during our study of the geology found in our National Parks.

Created by: Rahul, Brian, Carson, Alex and Ella