February 28, 2015

Road Trip!

A Geologic Tour of the United States

The National Parks Will Rock You

Stalled in a sudden blizzard in the Tetons...boiling in the blazing heat of Death Valley.  These are only two of the many unknown obstacles you may face as you embark upon a geologic cross-country road race. You will become a member of a racing team made up of fellow classmates.  Together you will race from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.  Along the way, you will stop at 15 National Parks showcasing our nation’s rich geological heritage. 

 Once your team is chosen, together you will select a team racing vehicle (car, van, truck, motorhome, etc.) a team name, and racing colors.  All teams will place their vehicles at Portland, Maine to begin the race. Teams will move across the map to specific points along team routes during each round of play.  

As you race to the finish line in Portland, Oregon, you will keep your travel route secret. Using the National Park Service Geologic Tour http://www.nature.nps.gov/geology/tour/ your team will choose at least one site to visit from each of the following categories: Basin and Range, Caves, Colorado Plateau, Fossils, Glaciers, Hot Springs, Human Use, Mountain Building, Oldest Rocks, Plate Tectonics, River Systems, Sand Dunes, Shoreline Geology, Soils and Volcanoes for a minimum of 15 sites.

Route Requirements

The following are required components of the project.

Research Reports

Each site visited must be the topic of a research report.  Research reports must be divided evenly between team members. 

Diary Entries
Along your trip, each member of your team will keep a diary.  The purpose of the diary is to retell the day’s happenings (where you went, what you saw, what you learned, and what you thought of the places you visited). The more that you can think of to include in the diary entries, the better it will likely be.  Among the items to consider writing about in your diary entries are: your impressions of the sites you visited, what FATE cards your team received, road conditions, weather, other places you passed on your route, food you ate, and where you spent the night. 

Team Cooperation

You are expected to be a working, contributing member of your team.

Extra Credit

Your team may choose any/all of the activities below for extra credit.

Travel Log

Calculate mileage, time, cost of gas, food, and/or lodging for your trip.

Team Rap/Song

Your team will write and perform a team rap or song.

Carcise (Exercise in the Car)

Create an exercise you can do in the car. Include a step by step instruction sheet for the Carcise and include a description of what benefits the exercise gives your body. 

Scrapbook Page

Design a scrapbook page for your trip. 

Public Service Announcement

Although our National Parks are protected places, they still face environmental issues.  Choose an issue facing a park or parks and create a public service announcement.  A public service announcement is a media campaign to raise awareness, and/or change the public attitude or behavior towards a certain issue.

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