October 22, 2014

Our Salmon Have Arrived!

As part of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program, we are one of the classrooms raising salmon eggs this year!

We've spent the last few weeks preparing the tank for our little eggs. They need a lot of things!

This is our tank (on the left) and cooling unit (fridge on the right). The tank is enclosed in styrofoam to keep the water very cold. Thank you so much Stu Kitayama for letting us borrow your fridge (AGAIN) and setting up our tank!!!!

Water from the tank is pumped into the fridge, cooled in a copper pipe and circulated back to the tank. The optimum water temperature is 50 degrees.

We have an undergravel filter, two air stones and an air pump for well circulated, oxygenated water.

Gravel along the bottom of the tank, just like the streams where a wild salmon would be born.

Thank you for helping us get supplies, Mr. Stinson!

Thank you for helping us get supplies, Mr. Roe!

Thank you for helping us get supplies, Mrs. Camou!

Earlier today, waiting for the eggs. We were VERY excited!

Yay! They're here! Thank you so much, Mrs. Byrd for driving all the way to Clackamas to pick up our eggs!

The big moment.

Carefully unwrapping.

The eggs will rest in a floating tray while we wait for them to hatch. This is so we can see them better but also to make it easier to use a turkey baster to suck out any eggs that go bad.

Resting in their new home.

570 Spring Chinook salmon eggs

If you look closely, you can see their eyes. At this stage, the salmon are called "eyed" eggs.

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