March 13, 2014

Signal to Noise Videos

For the past few months, the combined forces of our class and Mrs. Krueger's class have been developing video entries for the Beaverton School District's Signal to Noise Festival. Students formed groups based on interest in the different categories. From there, student groups came up with an idea, wrote a script, created a storyboard, cast roles, filmed, edited video, added music and titles and created their final published video. We submitted our videos today and now we are waiting, with fingers crossed, to hear who will be finalists. Whether any of the videos below wins or not, the most important thing is how much we learned while going through this process. Please enjoy our hard work!

SM News
Category: News Reporting

Category: Drama

Heroes Quest
Category: Interactive

Despicable Me 2 Gone Wrong
Category: Comedy

Juice It Up!
Category: Experimental

Diversing Dimensions
Category: Animation

Kung Fu Writing
Category: Music Video

Report It!
Category: Public Service Announcement

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