November 22, 2013

Word Wednesday

Every Wednesday in our classroom is Word Wednesday. Students are responsible for bringing a word to share and put into our "Word Jar". Students must have a definition, prediction, sentence, part of speech and illustration for their word. Each week we pick the best Word Jar entry and the winner gets to pick a theme for next week's words. 

This year we have had some AMAZING Word Jars. We started with paper and pencil entries but quickly escalated to Google presentations.  The past few weeks we have even started to have Word Jar videos coming in. Some students were experienced with making videos and some students have been teaching themselves.

We have really been enjoying the entries and wanted to share a few of the latest with you.


  1. Awesome! Love the videos. Great work kids.

  2. Hey Mrs.Tanksley! Its Sree! I like 6th grade but I miss YOU more! Shishira would like it if you waved to her in the hall sometime.

  3. Hi, Sree! I miss you too!!! Whose class is Shishira in?

  4. Sree - Mr. Pfaff's class