August 19, 2013

Welcome to Fifth Grade!!!

In our classrooms…….
You are scientists!          You are explorers!        
You are artists!
                   You are important!              You are respected!  
Dear Fifth Grader,
Get ready for a year filled with excitement and adventure. Prepare to learn, work hard and enjoy the journey. We will learn about our brains and how important it is to have a growth mindset. Along this journey; you will embrace uncertainty, seek new experiences, and broaden your repertoire as you understand others as well as yourself.
You have some homework to bring on your first day back to school. Please bring an empty cereal box for an upcoming project. You will also need to read and complete the attached criteria sheet, The ABC’s of You.
Your parents also have homework that they will need to complete and return. Have them complete the sheet that is titled, In a Million Words or Less….completed assignments may be e-mailed or brought in by September 20.

Come meet me and drop off your school supplies at the Ice Cream Social next Thursday, August 29th from 2-3 PM.
See you soon!

ABC's of You

Supply List

In a Million Words or Less...

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