May 20, 2013

Our Little Colonists

We will be starting our Colonial Times/Revolutionary War unit later this week. Check out the "American Revolution" links on the blog for cool sites to check out in the meantime!  
Farmer Indi

Farmer Zach

School mistress Tanksley and Little Man Zander

Explorer Bryan

Lady Paige

Lady Katelyn

Explorer Jayden

Sir Thomas

Farmer Jake

Lady Anneliese

School Mistress Abby

Farmer Theo

Farmer Jacob

Lady Alicia

Lady Vivian
Lady Saydee
Frontiersman Colby

Lady Sree

Farmer Alex

Lady Melizza

Lady Audrey

Explorer Cristian

 Lady Kya

Frontiersman Pete (complete with eye patch)

Lady Amanda

Lady Olivia

Farmer Adam

Lady Grace

Explorer Kainoa

Lady Kaiya

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