April 4, 2013

Science Fair Preparation

We are hard at work on our Science Fair projects! We have spent weeks preparing our questions, materials, procedures, data and conclusions. We are now in the process of designing our displays and getting our boards ready for the Science Fair next week. The amount of time and effort our students are putting into the work is amazing. Take a look at these serious faces!

Paige and Cristian working on layouts

Bryan making perfect edges

How is all this going to fit?

Olivia designing titles

Abby's adding pictures

Kya, Abby, Olivia and Sree

Audrey working on her layout

Jayden and Kainoa

Papering the boards

Framing and gluing

Adam hard at work

Alex hard at work

Thomas and Theo

Mrs. Adusumill's homemade chai tea helps keep Mrs. T energized! Perhaps she will clean her desk...

Amanda working on her title

Colby working hard

Melizza working hard

Zach working on typing

Jake, Theo and Thomas working on layouts

Pete paper cutting

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