April 25, 2013

April 11, 2013

What a Celebration!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Science Fair! It was a great night of family celebration. I love seeing my students with their families and also seeing former students who still come by to say hello. If you didn't make it, we missed you and your projects were all greatly admired.

Mrs. Krueger and I ready for the fair
Mrs. Krueger and I with accessories, ready for the fair

Cristian and his family
Vivian and her mom
My former student Nihar and I

My former students Brandon and Nihar and I, how did they get so tall?

Bryan and his family
Abby and her mom

My former students Twylla and Ellie and I

Zach and his mom
Theo and his mom and little brother

Jacob and his mom

Pete and his dad
My former student Ashley and I


Olivia and her mom and dad

Audrey and her dad

Colby enjoying the fair

Our fabulous butterfly display

Indi and his dad

Sree and I
The cutest little fourth grader ever...Sam, a former student's little brother


Alex having a great time

My former student, Selena and I

April 10, 2013

Science Fair Project Sneak Peek

We spent most of today and yesterday enjoying our classmates' Science Fair project presentations. The boards are now stacked and ready to be set up in the gym for the fair tomorrow. We are very excited to see our projects on display. Tomorrow morning we will be taking our little kindergarten buddies on a tour to the fair to see our projects. Check out the big smiles and enjoy a sneak peek at the projects below.