January 14, 2013

The Biztown Mayor Race!

February 22 is getting closer and closer! We are very busy in the classroom getting ready for our visit to JA Biztown. After a week of hard work, we have completed the first Biztown unit: Community. Students learned about the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen, took the oath to become a Biztown citizen, learned about free enterprise, reenacted the circular flow of the economy, produced a good using minimal resources, discovered the purpose of taxes and realized the importance of philanthropy.

Now that our first unit is over it is time to begin the mayor race. The mayor position is the one elected position at JA Biztown. This week, each fifth grade class will run their own classroom mayor race. Interested students filled out an "Intent to Run" form last week. They also recruited campaign managers to assist them and help plan their campaigns.

We have four amazing candidates. They have been busy today putting up signs, talking to classmates and getting their messages out there. Candidates are using recess time or their own free time to work on their posters, flyers and speeches. They are dedicated, hard working and each of them deserves to be mayor...who will win?

This Friday, January 18th, candidates will give their prepared speech to the class. The class will vote anonymously and our volunteer voter registration clerks will count the votes. The winner will be our official mayor elect and participate in our fifth grade wide election on Monday, January 28th.

Candidate Thomas with an amazing campaign poster

Candidate Olivia with her Campaign Manager, Audrey

Candidate Vivian with her creative campaign slogan

Candidate Olivia with one of her excellent campaign posters

"Intent to Run" official form

Candidate Vivian has promised 20% of her salary will be donated to charity

Candidate Vivian with her Campaign Manager, Abby

Candidate Alex with his alliterative campaign slogan

Candidate Thomas with his Campaign Manager, Theo

Candidate Alex with his Campaign Manager, Paige


  1. Great pictures! Those posters look like they took some really hard work to do. Right now I have NO idea who I'm gonna vote for until I hear Thomas's, Vivian's, Alex's, and Olivia's speeches. Good luck candidates! :) -Adam

    1. Thanks, Adam! I am super excited for the speeches tomorrow!

  2. Wow! These kids really gave me ideas for my campaign. Thanks for posting this Ms. Tanksley!!