January 18, 2013

Our Biztown Class Mayor Candidate Is....

Today, all our mayor candidates did a great job giving their speeches. Students listened, took notes and discussed campaign issues. After careful thought, students made their selection by anonymous ballot. I counted the votes and our voter registration clerk, Grace, doubled checked my counting. And our class mayor candidate is: Vivian!!!

Vivian and the three candidates from the other fifth grade classrooms will spend the next week campaigning and preparing for voting day on Monday, January 28th. Candidates will give their speeches on the stage in the cafeteria immediately following lunch. 

Congratulations to all our candidates today and good luck to Vivian in her continuing campaign!!!


  1. I like your picture Vivian/Abby - sree

  2. Good luck Vivian!!!!! - sree

  3. Who is going to win!?! Who is going to win the mayor election!?! I need to know who! :) -Adam

  4. i voted for anonymous and so did everyone else i know - sree