September 25, 2012

Geography, It's A World Thing...

Geography brings us all down to Earth. It gives other subjects a sense of place. We create our geography, and yet we are affected by geography.
Geography, it's a world thing.

-Terry Portch

This year our school is participating in Passport Club, a geography program run by volunteers to help students learn some or all of the world's countries. This coincides perfectly with our first social studies unit: Geography! We will be studying and creating maps, interpreting geographic information, distinguishing physical and human features of places and regions, evaluating global population growth and the opportunities and challenges it presents, and finding the connections between people and the environment. 

Our study will culminate in the Fantasy Island project. We will each be designing our own fantasy island based on the Five Themes of Geography. We will determine the location of our island, the regions within it, we will compare it to other places, we will create a unique culture for the people of our island and determine how our population interacts with the environment. Look for the criteria sheet in about a week.  

In the meantime, study those continents and oceans! 
Google Earth Tour 

Memorize the Five Themes of Geography!
Five Themes of Geography Rap

Know the difference between latitude and longitude!
Latitude and Longitude Song

Be able to divide the globe into hemispheres!
Hemispheres Animation

Be able to define geography!
What is Geography?

Be able to identify different landforms!
Landforms Part 1
Landforms Part 2

Understand how fast the world is growing!
7 Billion

Be able to name careers that utilize the study of geography!
What Can You Do With Geography?

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