May 30, 2011

Energy, Innovation and Construction

What does a wheelbarrow, ferris wheel, roller skate, flag pole, fork, and a slide all have in common? They're all SIMPLE MACHINES of course! Our last unit of the school year will be a study of the scientific concept of "force". Work is performed by applying force over a distance. Simple machines create a greater output force than input force. Mechanical advantage! This is what makes our everyday lives so much easier.

Students-check out this cool link for some games and activities about simple machines.

Parents-my teaching team and I are experimenting with a new website that lets you organize your teaching units (or anything you want) in "live" binders. Your text, links, pictures, activities, etc. can all be "live" and connected to the net at all times, organized into binders of your own design. The binders can also be public for others to check out. Here is a link to the binder we have created for our "force" unit. This is rough, rough, rough draft but gives lots of info on unit content that might be interesting to you. Check for updates too. By the end of the unit we hope to have a polished, final binder for publishing. shakers changemakers&type=0

May 15, 2011

"She Flies With Her Own Wings"

Our next unit of study will be "Oregon!" We will trace Oregon's timeline from the very first settlers to present day (picking up where we left off in our study of "Westward Movement"). We will explore Oregon's geography and climate, studying each region's boundaries, formations and natural wonders. We will examine the structure of Oregon's government, the rights of citizens and the passage of laws. We will study Oregon's unique culture and create our own versions of "typical" Oregonians. We will memorize and understand the emblematic importance of the state symbols. We will choose an Oregon business as well as a notable Oregonian to explore in depth. And all of this, in the 20 or so days left of school! Please enjoy and explore the video and websites below. Many of them will be used for research in class as well.

Oregon State Legislature

Notable Oregonians

Oregon Blue Book

Travel Oregon for Kids

Travel Portland

Oregon Facts

Oregon Vortex

Crater Lake

Oregon Caves

John Day Fossil Beds

Pendleton Round Up

Hells Canyon and Wallowa-Whitman Forest

Columbia River Gorge

Discover the Forest

Lava Beds

Oregon Coast Lighthouses

Sea Lion Caves

Oregon Ghost Towns

Oregon Business News