March 26, 2011

Science Fair Time!!!

It is that time of year where the fourth and fifth graders at Sexton Mountain are beginning to prepare for the Science Fair! Our school Science Fair will be held on Friday, April 22 from 6:30-8:30. We will be spending a great deal of class time getting our projects ready for display.

If your student hasn't chosen a science inquiry question for their Science Fair project, please visit and help them find a project. Remember that the project is INQUIRY based, so no models! The question your student chooses must have ONE testable and measurable variable. After student gets parent approval he/she will bring the project idea to school for teacher approval.

Please see the link below to the official fourth grade Science Fair letter which students should have brought home last Friday. This explains how much help you should be giving your student and what components of the project will be happening at home and at school. Any questions, please email or call.
Fourth Grade Science Fair Parent Letter

March 16, 2011

Links and Email Address Change

Hi Parents and Students...

The link to the NEW and improved Sexton Mountain web page as well as the link to our Daily Planner have been updated and should be working. Please note: my email address has changed to

See you tomorrow!

March 15, 2011

Day Planner 3.15.11

My email address is being changed tonight from "huff" to "tanksley" so use this blog post as day planner instead of linking to the regular day planner. Should be back to normal tomorrow!!!

Our day today:
Math Journal page 140
Hinky Pinkies, choosing favorite, creating rough draft illustration
Spelling Lesson 22
National Geographic: THIEVES reading strategy
Math: correcting, "Buzz" multiples game
Art: Symmetrical Stacking
Science: Ivory soap experiment continued

Homework tonight:
-Hinky Pinkies rough draft illustration (no color)
-Word Jar due tomorrow
-Spelling Lesson 22 due Thursday
-20 minutes of reading

March 2, 2011

Back to Work!!!

It is time for me to come back to school! I am going to miss staying home with our sweet little boy but I am also very excited to get back to my wonderful fourth graders. I can't believe it has been almost five months! I am so excited to see how much you have learned and the new skills you have acquired. I'm looking forward to inspecting your work and hearing about all the new things you have discovered about yourself so far this year.

Much of the year has gone by but there is still a ways to go. In my opinion the last part of the school year is the best. We have a lot of incredible things to accomplish and participate in: poetry and the Poetry Tea party, Science Fair, study of Oregon, more novel studies, gardening with our buddies and....well, I have to keep SOME of it a secret, of course.

I will be back at school beginning March 14...can't wait to see you!!!