October 11, 2011

Butterflies are Emerging!

Our hungry little caterpillars spun their cocoons early last week. We carefully hung the cocoons inside the butterfly habitat. All week long we misted the cocoons with room temperature water and waited. On Monday we got a surprise. Our first butterfly had emerged! She was absolutely beautiful. She rested for awhile after coming out of her chrysalis, slowly spreading her wings. Today we watched as three more butterflies appeared. They are slowly exploring their new environment and feasting on the sugar water solution we have prepared for them. How many more will emerge tomorrow?


  1. They are so cute! I don't want them to leave! I hope that they will have long wonderful lives! Presli

  2. I just went to the butterfly garden and I saw five butterflies! I put in a caterpillar that I found. The caterpillar was very happy and it was very fast! I hope that the caterpillar will like the garden! Presli