September 30, 2011

Garden Party

Because of some very dedicated and wonderful parent volunteers all the fifth grade classes enjoyed a gardening day today. Students gathered the harvest of the planting Mr. Schwindt and his class did at the beginning of summer. Students performed some basic garden maintenance, adding soil, weeding and watering. We also planted a winter vegetable garden and planted seeds for a beautiful butterfly garden which will bloom in spring.
Watering the herb garden
Harvesting the carrots
Getting a little dirty
Adding new soil
Planting for spring
Harvesting the sunflowers
Gardening is fun!
Maintenance crew
Lil' helper
Sunflower seeds
Getting ready to water
Sowing for spring
Getting really dirty
Trimming the herbs

September 22, 2011

Special Delivery!

Yesterday afternoon saw the delivery of a very important parcel for fifth grade. Inside were our precious little caterpillars, patiently waiting to meet the students who would care for them for the next few weeks. Today we each got our own caterpillar in a little container at our desk. The little containers are filled with the caterpillars' food and leave plenty of room for the caterpillar to get around. We watched an introduction video about butterflies and we are all excited to complete more research. We began a butterfly journal. Each day we plan on documenting what we see happening with our caterpillars. Not too far in the future, we know they will be turning into painted lady butterflies. Let the journey begin! (Check out the butterfly link under the "Science Links" section of the blog).

September 19, 2011

September: Jumping Off Point

Well, our first batch of projects are in and the results are...FANTASTIC! Don't take my word for it, take a look for yourself. Please enjoy this sampling of our "What's In a Name?" research projects, our "Treasures" writing projects, and our "Life Cycles" poster projects.