August 23, 2010


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August 3, 2010

Lesson Plan Inspired by The Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon

Vegetation ABC’s

Objective: Each student will create an informative page (guidelines to follow) for a classroom ABC book on plants.

Standards addressed:

Reading: Read and locate information in specialized materials and a variety of informational texts. Use structural features to strengthen comprehension.

Writing: Focus on a central idea, excluding loosely related, extraneous, and repetitious information (main ideas).

Science: Observe physical characteristics of organisms.

Materials: Kingore's "Alphaboxes" (enlarged), access to computer lap or laptops, research organizer, class set of plant page criteria


1. Students will choose a plant to research. The plant will begin with their assigned letter of the alphabet. Enlarged copy of Kingore’s “Alphaboxes” to be posted in the classroom throughout this project. We will meet as a class to fill in students’ choices of plants as the anticipatory set to the research portion of the assignment. As a class, we will work together to fill in any letters of the alphabet not assigned to students. These will serve as the examples/models throughout the project.

2. Students will access research using Grolier Encyclopedia online. Students will read and locate information while using a research graphic organizer to note take. Before students begin their individual research, we will do research as a class on one of the examples we chose during the class discussion. Teacher will go through graphic organizer with students to model note taking as we research one or more examples together.

3. Teacher and students will use plant page criteria to go over completed research organizers, checking for completeness and revising where necessary.

3. Students will use revised research organizer to create and design their plant’s page. Again, before students begin their individual projects, we will use one of our researched plants to do an example together. While completing the example, we will discuss visual aesthetics, layout, and formatting. Students will first complete a rough draft before receiving teacher approval to move on to final copy.

4. Students will present their completed pages to the class. Completed pages will be bound into one class book for the classroom library.

Plant Page Criteria


Scientific name




Physical description