September 8, 2010

The School Year Has Begun!

We have such a great class this year! I have really enjoyed meeting and beginning to get to know all my new students. We are already hard at work on our first projects. The two big projects we have started are the "Cereal Box" project and the "Vegetation ABC's" project. The "Cereal Box" project is a writing project where students design a cereal box based on their life. Please make sure to take a look at your student's criteria sheet for this project to see what it entails. Each component of the project will have a separate due date. The "Vegetation ABC's" project is an integrated science, writing, and reading project where students choose a plant to research. They will create an informational page, including an illustration, on their plant. We will combine these pages to create a class book.

Students have all received a day planner. At the end of the school day we record what we have done that day and what we have for homework in our day planners. This is for students to learn to manage and keep track of their own work. If you follow the link to "Daily Planner" under "Important Links" on this blog, you will see what we wrote in our day planners that day. This is a great place for you to check and see what your student has for homework.

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