July 19, 2010

My Personal Interests...

I am one of those people whose interests shift fairly quickly. I am always on to the next best thing. There are however, a few things that I love so much, I have never lost interest in them (yet). In random order they are: Portland, music, cooking/homekeeping, reading, and traveling.

I have lived in Portland, Oregon for almost 12 years. I am convinced it is the best city in the world. I live downtown in the Pearl District in one of the large apartment buildings and I love to go out on the balcony and look down on the city. Every building is different and unique. The skyline looks beautiful whether glowing in the morning sun or twinkling under the stars (or shifting in and out of a rainy mist as it so often happens to be). I love to walk through the city (rain or shine) and visit the coffeehouses, shops, museums, bakeries, farmer’s markets, and restaurants.

My favorite farmer’s market

Best website for finding restaurants and happy hours

When I was in college and before I decided to become a teacher, I was a musician. I have played classical flute and piano since I was seven and went to school specifically to study music. I attended Portland State University and was part of the music program there. I studied for four years and have a degree in classical music. Music has always been a part of my life. When I decided to become a teacher, I was happy to discover how many ways music can be incorporated into the classroom. I love to sing, dance and listen to music with my students.

My favorite band (not classical!)

My favorite website for creating your own music list (for free!)

Many people think cooking and homekeeping is boring. Not me! I love to cook and/or bake. I like the feeling that I created something wonderful for people to enjoy. I love to try new recipes and challenge myself with something difficult. I also love homekeeping. Not necessarily scrubbing the bathroom but I do like the satisfaction of cleaning, repairing and decorating our home. I love to rearrange the furniture in new ways, find beautiful pictures to frame, fold clean, soft laundry into neat and tidy piles and vacuum in nice straight lines. Being a busy woman, I also like cooking and homekeeping to be quick, efficient and organized. That is why Martha Stewart is my hero! She is an independent, successful woman who isn’t above doing her own ironing.

Martha Stewart

Martha's Crafts for Kids

Another interest I have that some people find boring is reading. Every teacher, the world over, says reading is one of his/her hobbies. I don’t like to be stereotypical but it is true for me! I started reading when I was three years old and I haven’t stopped since. I read newspapers, magazines, adult fiction, adult non-fiction, children’s novels, children’s non-fiction, cookbooks, audio books, etc. I read to get information, to escape or for just plain enjoyment.

My favorite bookstore downtown

Saying that traveling is one of my interests in misleading in some ways. I like to travel but the range of places I have been to is not varied. My family is British and many of them live over in the U.K. I know the U.K. better than I know the United States. I visit every summer. I also lived and taught there for a year after college. I have been many, many places there and I never get tired of it. Each summer I continue to explore the little island that has so many amazing things to offer. Although I always make time to visit my favorite place to say hi to my favorite fictional characters.

My favorite place in the U.K.

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