June 24, 2010

How I will use a blog in my classroom...


These words sum up all my reasons for wanting a classroom blog. I teach fourth and fifth grades and up until now, the only technology related link to the classroom was our class website. This was a great place for posting homework but didn’t allow any interaction between students, parents and teacher. I am hoping this blog will become a more dynamic venue for our classroom community to interact and communicate.

As the teacher, I plan on using our classroom blog to create a permanent record of what is going on in the classroom as well as a permanent record of classroom related materials. This could include everything from daily homework, projects, extended learning activities, celebrations, and helpful links to topics of study. This is for the students to enjoy, comment, and begin their own discussions of, but also a place for parents to feel involved in what is going on in the classroom.

The most important reason to create a blog for our classroom will be the ability to provide students with a meaningful audience and arena to share their thoughts and opinions through writing. Blogging involves a journal like style of writing but there will also be opportunities for students to share formal writing done in class and to accompany the writing with visual aids and enhancements. Students will be able to comment on each others’ work and posts by teacher and parents.